BDO Fashion's character galleries are a chance for people to show off their characters. This is not intended to be a template sharing site, but people can choose to include one if they want. If there isn't a template link on a character post, the submitter did not include one.

Don't bother to ask me for the link here or on social mediaI don't have one. Repeatedly asking for one in the comments or saying "where's the download link?

Adding your email address to the comments is an excellent way to ensure you receive a ton of spam email. Newest Characters Eli [EU]. Ilnao [EU].

Newest Characters

Half-Orc [NA]. Gally [NA]. Vylvile [NA]. Tonkomi [NA]. Chaso [EU]. Adjara [NA]. Celeris [NA]. NotSure [EU]. Tsukiko [EU]. Leicerna [NA]. Sherazhade [EU]. Flondor Duck. Kamasylvia Wall F. Kamasylvia Wall E. Kamasylvia Wall C. Kamasylvia Wall B. Kamasylvia Wall A. Kamasylvia Floor F. Kamasylvia Floor E. Kamasylvia Floor D. Kamasylvia Floor C. Kamasylvia Floor B. Kamasylvia Floor A. Kamasylvia Chandelier. Kamasylvia Curtain. Tab Kamasylvia Curtain.

Kamasylvia Prop Set. Kamasylvia Table. Kamasylvia Rocking Chair.Dulfy 19 Comments Jan 3, Make sure you also completed [Boss] Witch-Hunting one of the Calpheon main quests. Talk to the Black Spirit and pick the quest Survival Guru. This will take you to the NPC in Behr. Talk to Likke Behr to finish the quest and then start the next quest from him: How to Survive the Wildness. For this you will need to hand him.

This will lead you to Jensen in Behr and give you the tools and anvils required by your camping tool.

bdo ps4 pearl shop

If you ever lose your Camping Tool, you can talk to Jensen in Behr and get it back for a single G gold bar. Once you have the Camping Tool in your inventory, right click it and it will go into the top left of your screen. This will allow you to use it on all characters in your account. You can Install the Campsite outside safe zones cannot be installed on roads or inclines.

It cannot be installed in Node War areas during Node Wars. The Campsite has three functions, each requiring an item to be slotted into it. This is handy when they later on add the Pearl Shop camping tents that are orange in quality. You can Remote Collect the campsite from anywhere with the Remote Collection button.

There are also Villa Buffs that you can get that seems to require an Orange-grade tent purchased from the Pearl Shop. It will also allow you to purchase Extra Large potions and exchange silver into gold bars. This lasts for a week and after it expires you will need to purchase another for 14 million silver from the Old Moon Manager.

The Repair function allow you to repair but it is more expensive than repairing at blacksmiths about 10 times more expensive — k to repair at campsite as opposed to 47k. You may need to wait for the Pearl Shop version which have infinite durability. It costs 2.

You can store 16 items in it and up to LT. It is not family shared and can be only retrieved by the character that stored it. You can remote collect tents with items stored in it. Old Moon Managers sell the items to repair your anvil and the weekly contract for storage and shop. Hey, are you sure it is possible to refresh an anvil? If so, how? I heard that the only way is to get new one.

The anvil degrades in 24 hrs but you can refresh it by buying an Old Moon Anticorrosive from the Old Moon Manager that allow you to use it for 24 more hours for k silver continuously. But how can I use this Old Moon Anticorrosive on my anvil, since the only thing I am allowed to do with it is processing.Your inventory is more than just a place to store the items you gain in your travels, or whatever currency you might possess.

You can keep track of your dye collection, enhance boat upgrades, and even open the processing menu for a quick craft. When you open your inventory, you will see your equipment page, alongside the inventory bag interface.

Every new character begins the game with 24 inventory slots, however, this can be expanded to a maximum of slots via quest rewards, event prizes, and purchases from both the Pearl Shop and Loyalty Store. You can leave your inventory unsorted, freely moving around items and changing their positions, or select the checkbox on the top left corner of the inventory screen, to allow it to be automatically sorted.

If you choose the Auto Arrange function, you cannot move items around, and any previous positioning of items will be disregarded. Each item that you store in your inventory has an associated weight, which you can see on the tooltip. You need to make sure you are not overburdening yourself, as you adventure, or your movement speed will become impaired.

At the bottom of the inventory window, you will find the weight meter. It shows the current weight of your inventory, along with the maximum weight you can carry. Hovering your cursor over this bar will also show you the colors associated with items, to better help you keep track of what is weighing you down. Below your weight meter, you can see currencies, silver, pearls and loyalty, along with a trash can icon.

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Whatever silver you are carrying on your person will be displayed in the silver section, while your loyalty and pearl values will be shown on all characters for that region. The trash can is where you can delete items from your inventory. Simply drag the item you wish to delete to the trash can, click the icon and select the amount you wish to delete. A confirmation window will pop up, in the middle of your screen, and once you confirm that you would like to delete the selected items, they will disappear.

There are several icons on the inventory window, below the bag slots.

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The first of these is designated as totem, and allows you to upgrade Totems of the Sea for your boat. If you fail the upgrade, however, the exp or totem level may decrease. These totems can be purchased from Fish Vendors, and grant special effects to your boat. The Alchemy button opens tabs specific to Alchemy Stones. These stones have charges you can use to apply buffs to your character.

Clicking on the Produce button will open your Processing window, where you can breakdown, refine or combine materials for use in crafting.

You can also open this window by pressing "L" Default. The palette allows you to keep track of your dyeas well as see all dye options in the game. There are two tabs to this window. The first is labelled All Dye and will show you the myriad of options available in game. The second tab is Dyes You Have, which shows only the dye you have collected.

To have dye show up in the Dyes You Have tab, you must add it to your collection. Right click the dye in your Pearl Inventory and you will be asked to confirm that you wish it added to your collection.

If you collect a dye you have no interest in, you can remove it from your collection via the Take Out button, at the bottom right corner of the Dye You Have tab. The same is true of other items, such as costumes, furniture and function.

Why you shouldn’t buy the Pearl Store Tent

Some Loyalty items will not be sent to the Pearl Inventory. Please check your normal inventory tab in such cases. Jump to: navigationsearch. Navigation menu Personal tools.

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Namespaces Page Discussion.Time for the Sorceress and the Berserker to shine! The double-axes master and the dark magic expert receive their succession this week, and to celebrate that, we continue the Succession of Events.

Talking about events, Winter Wonderland is also starting this week which is a good occasion for you to get some cool rewards! Collect [Event] Snowflakes just by playing the game via Challenges tab and exchange them for cool rewards.

Defeat monsters, fish, and gather event items and process them to get [Event] Winter Snowman that can be opened for awesome rewards. Adventurers who reach a certain level with their Berserker and Sorceress characters during the event period can obtain rewards below via the Challenge tab Y!

Thank you for your valuable feedback. All rewards have been sent out to the winners and participants to the very first, feedback library event. Changed the number of Sea Coin Coupons required for the following item when exchanging with Ravinia. Instant Refresh: Ignores the remaining cooldown and refreshes the list immediately by consuming 2 barter refresh counts.

Reduce Refresh Cooldown: You can use all the parley you have remaining to reduce the cooldown of the regular barter refresh. You cannot choose the amount of time to reduce when you press the Reduce Refresh Cooldown button. The first is Regular Refresh.

This is the same as the previous refresh where you use 1 barter refresh count every 4 hours to refresh the list. When you can use Regular Refresh after 4 hours, a message will indicate that it is available for use. The next is Instant Refresh for you to use when regular refresh is still in cooldown but you have enough barter refresh counts. This will refresh your barter list immediately regardless of cooldown time left.

Use it when you want to see new items in a hurry, but remember that it will consume 2 barter refresh counts. The last is Reduce Refresh Cooldown. This is for when you have refresh cooldown, used up Instant Refresh, and don't have enough barter refresh counts left. Each time you press the Reduce Refresh Cooldown button, you consume 50, Parley to reduce 5 minutes off your cooldown. This is a fixed value, so if you want to reduce cooldown by 20 minutes, you have to press the button 4 times.

When you have Parley below 50, Reduce Refresh Cooldown will consume all the Parley you have left and reduce the amount of cooldown left depending on how much was consumed. For example, if you had 38, Parley left and press the button, all of your Parley will be consumed and your cooldown will be reduced by 3 minutes and 48 seconds. Originally, the gift boxes were given to ease your next delivery by providing you with some ingredients required to make more deliveries.

However, with changes to the difficulties of making these deliveries, more gift boxes were collected than intended, which in turn affected the games economy. Hence, we decided to delete the gift boxes. We are preparing a different method to reward you for making the deliveries. We hope to bring you news of this soon. Now you can search adventurers through the Mysterious Man with banned words within their character names.

Added an effect for large ships able to use Volley to determine the distance of cannon fire. Fixed the canon cooldown description in the large ship upgrade information text to match the actual canon reload cooldown. You will learn the skill "Succession: Abyssal Contract" which will allow you to learn more powerful Amulet and Talisman skills.

Added the "Succession" tab to the Skill window. You will be able to learn and use skills in both the "Main" and "Succession" tabs.The game has been under development sinceand entered closed beta testing CBT in October Due to Black Desert Online silver is important, to fully enjoy the in-game content, players are recommended to buy Black Desert Online Silver from a list of trustable Black Desert Online silver sellers at g2g.

The game uses Pearl Abyss' self-mde "Black Desert" engine specifically created to handle the super-fast rendering required for its seamless world and large-scale castle sieges. Black Desert uses a free-to-play model although no further details of the business model or revenue generation have been announced.

According to the game developer, Black Desert Online silver will be very important in-game. It will initially be released on the Microsoft Windows platform. Players won't be regret to buy Black Desert Silver Coins due to it is really very important in- game, the silver coins or Black Desert Online Gold will make sure players to be success in-game.

Rest assure, G2G. Image Image Image Image Image Image Image We directly hired by you so there's no account sharing nor middle-man involved in our dealing. We can stop what we are doing if you want to use your account. We don't stop your happiness or bordome strike. G2G uses cookies to optimize your online experience on our website. By continuing to use our website for your gaming needs, you are consenting to use such cookies.

Sign Up. Cancellation Request X. Online Sellers 62 Results. Read more about trading safety guidelines. Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 1 hours Quantity 9, Mil Silver Coins. G2gToken rebate points given upon completion of your purchase. It can be redeemed for Store Credit. Seller Ranking: Rare Seller Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 1 hours QuantityMil Silver Coins. Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 2 hours QuantityMil Silver Coins.

Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 2 hours Quantity 24, Mil Silver Coins. Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 2 hours Quantity 98, Mil Silver Coins. Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 2 hours Quantity 95, Mil Silver Coins.We use cookies, with your consent, to customize content and advertising. More information. Fish in lakes and rivers across the Black Desert world and gather resources to sell at the market place.

Pearl Shop

Whether you want to create the prettiest character on the server, or an absolute abomination, Black Deserts character creation is one of the most in depth character customization tools available to date. Maewha uses a variety of oriental martial arts, but excels most with the blade and horn bow. She allows the fight to wash over her and strike once the flow is in her favor. Her quick movements around the battlefield make her an excellent 1v1 fighter, and also an incredible small scale combatant.

bdo ps4 pearl shop

It can be difficult finding the right time to go in with Kunoichi,but once she begins her assault she does not stop till her target drops. Valkyrie wields the one-handed Longsword and shield and excels at both offense and defense. She has skills to deal an incredible burst of damage or heal and protect her allies.

Mystic prefers pummeling her enemies with a barrage of strikes as opposed to a single, powerful blow. She takes physical hand-to-hand combat to an extreme and destroys her foes with quick gap-closing movement to gain the upper hand.

Tamer adventures with the long forgotten mystical creature Heilang, and wields a Shortsword and Trinket. Archer's Crossbow was designed to be attached to his arm so that he can move freely and swiftly, while Ra'ghon is a special glove that allows him to bring out the power of the light. He is a versatile class that can change the tide of battle. The ninja is an assassin that uses a sword, martial arts, and ninjutsu. His attacks consists of swift movement and crowd control skills, pulling the enemy into the middle of total chaos.

Her skills make her quite agile and she can swing around the Florang, the size of a Shai, to get out of trouble. Lahn is agile and quick on her feet. She can quickly deliver devastating attacks by swinging her Crescent Pendulum. Striker is an expert hand-to-hand combatant who mixes martial arts and his experience with countless street brawls to deal deadly blows to his opponents.

Musa pairs of oriental-style martial arts with his blade and horn bow to deal enormous amounts of damage.So as of the 2nd of July pre-orders will start officially for the PlayStation version of black desert online. The game itself is an action-based MMORPG with a persistent open world that allows you to literally be whoever you want to be. There is an expansive crafting system, also known as a life skilling system that covers everything from fishing, horse training to being a farmer, gatherer, cooking alchemy and more.

Many people chose to only do life skilling and nothing else, as there is just so much to do. Now not only can you craft and gather yourself but you can also create a worker empire.

bdo ps4 pearl shop

You can literally hire people to go out there and do your dirty work for you. The worker empire is created by connecting a series of different nodes with various different gatherable materials to towns, cities, outposts. This then allows you to purchase buildings to turn into craftable workstations, into extra storage, into stable slots.

What you will see instead is there are a couple of world bosses that predominantly people will turn up to. They do run on a schedule to kill the bosses to collect the loot and then go about their business. The endgame goal of black desert is essentialy to improve your gear so that you can better perform in PvP.

Now a low solo PvP is fun the real coach of this comes from the group PvP and the guild system.

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These, in turn, allow you to tax that region and you get some of the money back from the sales this goes into the guild which can then be distributed to the guild members and helped to grow their wealth which then increases their ability to improve their gear. Now there are a couple of things that people consider a negative in this game, first, the pearl shop.

So the pearl shop is essentially the cash shop for black desert in this pearl shop although you cannot directly buy extra power or increases to your power. You can buy convenience items that allow you to either sell these on the central marketplace. There are also a lot of these Pearl Shop items that can be sold in-game. However, if you are completely against pay2win there will always be some people that will invest thousands upon thousands to further their gear quicker than you can.

Yes, they will have a benefit, but no they will not make a significant enough difference on their own to make this game completely pay to win. Ok so next up is the enhancing system and this is pretty much the one significant reason that most people will quit. When you finally succeed at a high enhancement, the rush feels awesome!

Black Desert Online PS4 - New Player Pearl Shop Guide - Key Purchases for New Players

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