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beatbuddy alternative

The Gear Page. Playing by yourself Looper, Trio or Beat buddy? Jun 18, 1. Messages: 5, Which do you find most useful? I have a Boss RC-3 looper and its fine but I would like something with the ability to alternate between at least two loops so I need to upgrade it.

Otherwise what do you find most interesting to come up with new song ideas?

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I can see the trio as being a pretty powerful tool. Possibly the beat buddy might give one a few more possible rhythm options. Jun 18, 2. Messages: 1, Haven't tried the Beat Buddy. Loopers never offered me much as a rehearsal tool. Don't use one live and now just occasionally use one for working out double guitar parts.

I also occasionally use one at a gig to playback my sound check so I can walk around the room and listen.

Beat Buddy Tips and Tricks

Solid build, fast setup and in contrast to some I find it quick and easy to get the basics of a tune down. Plus it's got a pretty nice guitar effects processor built in, external pedals make it great for live use, and the drums and bass both sound great.

It'll hold a set of music and a small laptop can load more tunes in a few seconds. It does have some drawbacks, but I work around them. It is still my go-to for live solo work. However, the Trio is really getting a lot of use at home. I've had it weeks now. Unbelievably simple to use and it sounds very good.

This is fine for rehearsing alone, but I wouldn't trust it yet on a live gig. Still, it's extremely useful and I can see it bumping the DR for most home rehearsing. I'm running first into the Trio. Footswitch is greatly recommended. CEFlintJun 18, Sociophile likes this. Jun 18, 3. It is ideal for this application.What happens when a guitar player runs out of patience for drummers? He creates the Beat Buddy—the love child of a guitar pedal and a drum machine. Sleek, compact, easy to use right out of the box, the Beat Buddy is a MIDI-based pedal drum machine that enables musicians to easily control the beat hands-free.

Just by pressing a pedal, you can start a beat, insert fills, transition from verse to chorus, throw in drum breakstrigger accent hits such as hand claps or cymbal crashes and a whole lot more. It is a stand-alone performance tool, and can work with any instrument or array of instruments. Just plug it into your sound system and off you go. Beat Buddy comes with an SD card loaded with 10 drum sets and over songs styles to choose from, in more standard and even some less common time signatures.

Mixing and matching is a great option for traditional AND off-beat sounds think folksongs with a heavy metal drum kit. Each song part has a main beat loop, an accent hit and multiple fills associated with it. When transitioning between song parts, the song parts are played in order until the last song part is played, and then it goes back to the first song part.

You can combine the songs, drum sets and settings any way you want, and store your project on the SD card. In addition to the pre-loaded content, you can download more content from their online library, create your own content with the included software, or share and discover user-generated content on their community forum. However, because the Beat Buddy is not a traditional drum machine, you cannot create new beats with it.

Beat Buddy makes it easy to keep track of where you are in your song, and what is currently playing. In addition, the background of the screen is a color-coded in accordance with what is playing: for example, fills are yellow, a transition beat is white. The display indicates the style, genre, time signature, what part of the preprogrammed song is playing, which drum set has been selected, volume and BPM. I agree. The national retail release date is November 20, The computer software will be a free download.

Singer-songwriter Laura Zucker wins audiences over with a hard-won perspective and a positive spin. Find tour dates, music and more at LauraZucker. Guitar World. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. The BeatBuddy also solves another reason drum machines often sound fake: in most drum machines, when one drum loop follows another, the end of the first loop might conflict with the beginning of the second, eliciting a jarring beat a real drummer would never play.Updated August 09, by Daniel Imperiale.

This wiki has been updated 9 times since it was first published in August of Whether you're trying to create a one-man band, fill out the sound of a power trio, or just do some composing when you're home alone, the loop pedals on our list will have you covered.

beatbuddy alternative

We've included a wide range of options suitable to everyone from gigging musicians to weekend noodlers, and ranked them here by their looping capabilities, additional effects, durability, and passthrough quality. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. Skip to the best loop pedal on Amazon. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. For a model that takes up as little space as the Nux Loop Core appx.

It has built-in drum patterns and can store up to six hours of music, though the fact that you have to double-tap the switch to stop playback is a pain. It also has an XLR input, so it's a smart choice for vocalists.

It boasts memory files, a pitch-independent speed control, and the ability to record over 16 hours of music when you insert an SD card into its dedicated slot.

Its decay feature prevents multiple lines from muddying up the sound. Genre and style knobs let you dial in the feeling of the lines it generates. The Boss RC appx. It has a suite of useful effects that can alter the sound of your tracks, as well as a pair of faders to help you find the perfect balance between channels. It also features an auxiliary input, so you can create loops with any premade samples you have on an MP3 player. You can take a line you've recorded and play it back in reverse, or as an octave of its original structure.

Singular Sound Aeros If you're looking for the most high-tech option out there, then this is it. Its touch-enabled screen can display waveforms and mixing faders for up to six tracks, with the ability to quantize and sync up anything you record.

It is on the expensive side, however, and it might not be the safest thing to take out on the road. Boomerang Looper III This is a reliable model from one of the first pedal systems to offer layered, multi-faceted looping. The brand has been somewhat left behind by the expansion of its competition, but its miniature pedal triggers and creative layout make it a really compelling option.

It is too big for most boards, however, and would likely live next to your primary effects array. August 06, In creating this ranking, we wanted to avoid any of the cheap loopers out there that might be able to provide you with the effect that you need, but can't boast the durability or signal cleanliness of the models we included.

Electro-Harmonix bookends the selection, with their massive and utterly capable in the number one slot, and their Canyon Delay and Looper at number That number 10 offering is actually pretty impressive if you're looking for a small pedal that can give you a taste of several different effects like looping, delay, reverb, and something the company calls shimmer.

Boss has its two most popular loop stations on the list, as well, with the RCs 3 and There is an RC on the market, but it's more of a comprehensive effects station that also has looping capabilities than anything else, and it belongs on a ranking of multi-effects processors more than it belongs here. A couple of surprises were the Pigtronix Infinity which may rightfully suffer from some musicians judging it by its ridiculous name and the Digitech Trio Plus.

In the case of the Digitech's ability to create tracks for drum and bass to back you up, the assumption was that these were going to sound rather canned — not unlike the drum effects on an old mids Casio keyboard.

But they proved rather impressive in their expressiveness, even if they still lacked the imperfections that make human players sound, well, human. In recent years, he has worked extensively in film and music production, making him something of a know-it-all when it comes to camera equipment, musical instruments, recording devices, and other audio-visual hardware. Ezvid Wiki Reviews Music. The 10 Best Loop Pedals. Best High-End.

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Best Mid-Range. Best Inexpensive. Electro-Harmonix Canyon. Additional effects are excellent Great build quality Requires a specialty adapter.What is Audiobus? Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app.

And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller. I own a bunch of drum machines, including patterning, drum perfect pro, and dm1, but they all take up a lot of time to create my own loops and they're never really right.

Is there something out there that is similar to the BeatBuddy, that just has a bunch of different tracks, divided into parts, that I can move through using a midi pedal?

It is also possible to buy BeatBuddy midi drum tracks and load them into the midi player of your choice. If you had infinite patience you could probably even load their samples into an appropriate drum app.

Yes, there are Take a look to his video showing a live session in real time to assign pads, you can change between them them by midi Program Change or Midi Notes, make fills on the way, ending, start There are lot of tutorials Luis is biased because they're his apps. His drummer apps - all of which you could probably own for less than the cost of a BeatBuddy Mini - are terrific options for non drummers who want drum accompaniment.

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They also go beyond the functionality of BeatBuddy and arguably most entry-level hardware drum machines in terms of randomization, and programming. The only actual advantage of something like a BeatBuddy is how you integrate it into your signal chain.

But if you have amp with an AUX IN, or just play into a mixer anyway, it's really no problem to get the sounds out of the Drum Machine apps. I haven't done it, but I'm sure you could also dig even deeper and set up a MIDI footcontroller for triggering fills, etc.

I will throw in a good word for the DigiTech SDRUM, which came after their much-hyped TRIO pedals, and is a really neat drum generator that allows you to program the "skeleton" of a rhythm with tap pads or a proprietary strum technique. Audiobus: Use your music apps together. Download on the App Store Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better. January in General App Discussion. January January edited January Sign In or Register to comment.The ergonomic button makes this drummer pedal perfect for playing or jamming out when wearing socks or barefoot!

Over styles and samples of professional drummers result in a versatile and organic feeling drum machine. Learn more about warranty. The ability to play along with beats sampled from professional drummers and control them with nothing but your feet will help you improve your musical talent faster than ever before.

A lot of work went into ensuring that the BeatBuddy was the most realistic sounding drum machine on the market. The very first thing we made sure to do is go straight to the source. Instead of relying on samples from 3rd parties, we recorded professional drummers for our own samples. See, most drum machines utilize just one sample for each sound, using volume to increase or decrease that single sample. But drums are dynamic and the overtones and attack vary between hits at different velocities.

However, in order to accurately recreate this we had to record samples ourselves. We took the time to record a multitude of velocities, which allows the BeatBuddy to not just play a sample turned down or up, but to play different samples depending on the volume.

There are however 3 key differences. There are however 4 key differences. Third, we added an ergonomic button, perfect for practicing or jamming in socks or while barefoot.

Finally, we reworked the LEDs to make the built in visual metronome more easily seen. The term song refers to the multiple verses, transition beats, fills, etc. We chose this term because each song is made up of several individual beats.

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Use it for recording an album, use it live, use it to create music that you sell, anything you want. We would appreciate it though if you listed us as your drummer in your album credits, though. From the date of delivery, you have a full 60 days to try out any of our products. If at any point within that time period you want to return them, email us and we will provide you instructions on where to send it. Once received, we will issue you a full refund on your purchase to the original payment source used.

The warranty is a full two year warranty. This covers any innate manufacturing defects and any other issue that seems to have been caused by a factor outside your control.

Audiobus: Use your music apps together.

If there is any issue, we will either repair or replace your unit at our option free of charge, as long as the issue being dealt with is within the terms of the warranty and the relevant time span. Most definitely! It also enables more live control over the beat than the SDrum, which only allows for the switching of song parts. Free Priority Shipping for U. Customer Photos.

Playing by yourself Looper, Trio or Beat buddy?

Only 2 Year Warranty, Lifetime Support. Product Description. High-quality bit sound and samples of professional drummers. Same core functionality and samples as the BeatBuddy drummer pedal in a smaller, more affordable package.What do you call a drummer that shows up to practice on time, keeps a steady rhythm, fits on your pedalboard, and doesn't hit on your significant other?

The Beat Buddy! Insert Beat Buddy-supplied rim-shot here. And yes, you can indeed program one of the buttons on the external footswitch to do just this. Drummer jokes aside, the Beat Buddy is my new favorite thing.

It's designed specifically for guitarists and bassists and is simultaneously a powerful tool and intuitive. Clearly, a pedal-based drum machine was an excellent and popular idea. And while the Beat Buddy first came into the public eye with the Indiegogo campaign, the inspiration and engineering of the Beat Buddy began prior to Like so many great inventors before him, David conceived of the Beat Buddy to meet a real need in his playing and performance requirements.

In short, he wanted a hands-free drum machine that he could manipulate with his feet.

Beat Buddy Packs

What he created may just be the best practice, song-writing, and performance tool of the 21st century. At face value, the Beat Buddy is just a drum machine in pedal form. And quite frankly, that alone would make it pretty cool. It suggests that they have grand plans of being in this business for the long haul. They have. But back to my point. The Beat Buddy enclosure shows attention to detail.

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Sure the shape of the pedal and the footswitch pay homage to the classic Boss design, but the pedal is larger and feels more substantial. The optional two-button external footswitch feels just as substantial and both units are painted in an attractive, heavy-duty silver metallic paint. The Beat Buddy straddles the line with regard to size and offers a large footswitch and user interface without taking up a huge amount of space.

The optional footswitch will require that you offer up more pedalboard real estate, but the placement of the two buttons makes it easy to hit the one you are aiming for.

beatbuddy alternative

The Beat Buddy comes from the factory with an SD card loaded with 10 drum sets and songs grouped within 21 genres. Examples of the drum sounds available include rock, classic, hand, dance, ethereal, and even human voice. Yes, you read that correctly.

beatbuddy alternative

The Beat Buddy can kick it, human beat box style. All you need to do is plug the Beat Buddy into head phones, a PA system, or other means of listening and start jamming.

You can plug the Beat Buddy into your amp. Ideally though, you should run the Beat Buddy into a PA system or other full-range system.

For practicing at home, I used a set of high-quality computer speakers with a subwoofer and the Beat Buddy sounded great. Now, start scrolling through your available drum sets. Next up, select your genre of choice and find a drum part you like. The exciting thing is that you can choose any drum set to play any pattern, so feel free to get crazy and use the "Country Brushes" to play a "Drum and Bass" pattern.

The Rock and Classic sets are also favorites of mine. All of the drum sounds in the Beat Buddy sound professional and I was able to use it to make some very convincing demo recordings.

You can set tempo with the scroll wheel if you know what tempo you are looking for.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Using BeatBuddy For Gigs? Sep 29, 1.

Messages: 16, Has anyone used the BeatBuddy for gigs? A bass playing friend and I have been getting together for a while using a BeatBuddy for drums. Run through the PA the thing sounds damn nice! The two of us share vocals. We've talked about playing some small gigs. The thing doesn't drop sticks, get drunk or hit on wives or girlfriends.

It never shows up late, doesn't have an attitude and works for free. Your thoughts? Have you gigged with one?

Yeah, I've seen the thread titles of how awful it is to use backing tracks but this isn't a backing track. He controls the thing for accents, endings, changes, etc. Sep 29, 2. Messages: 21, I played for a while in an instrumental trio with a bassist and a "DJ", where the DJ among other things programmed all the beats. He was using some machine that would let him mute individual percussion tracks so, snare, kick, hi-hat, toms--all were separate tracksswitch sections, put in accents on the fly, etc.

He spent a lot of time working up collections of grooves that we'd use at our shows, and it worked great for us. But, we were doing pretty free and spacey improv groove music. It always felt like music. He also had a music degree and could play keyboards and a few horns although he never did in this band, except for some simple key pads at times.

For playing conventional tunes, it might work So much depends on the musicality of the guy controlling the machine.

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