All of the pictures are just so time-consuming to upload. Consider it my gift to you for being such awesome readers! I tried to include prices in the pictures the best I could. Shopping at Costco does require a membership with a membership fee.

You can read all about that on the Costco website. I have the executive membership and I will say that with the reward check that I get each year, it has always paid for itself. Costco will let you walk around the store and check things out before actually buying a membership, too. Costco is my favorite place to buy nuts. From making our own nut butter to frequently baking and cooking with nuts, my husband and I go through our fair share of mainly almonds, but other nuts sometimes too.

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They also carry other nut varieties; like roasted and flavored. Brad goes through homemade almond butter at an incredible rate, so I buy this huge 3 pound bag of raw almonds monthly.

best costco appetizers 2018

Price is Fairly recently a quality brand almond flour became available. You can find Honeyville almond flour for Sorry for the horrible picture. I was trying to get the price and product in the same pic.

Next up is snacks, chips and crackers. During the school year, it definitely comes in handy being able to buy snacks in bulk. This brand has a great ingredient list and I think it was a 3. One of my favorite snacks are these apple chips. These are so good dipped in almond butter! A 12oz. Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips and crackers definitely taste good!Here are the staples on her shopping list. The sun is shining, daylight savings has us enjoying longer days and Spring is officially here.

From cookouts and parties on the patio to showers and daytime brunches, there are opportunities galore to take advantage of the rising temperatures with friends and family.

I absolutely love having people over; some days I want to cook dinner for friends, start to finish from scratch. Other times, I go potluck-style and only focus on the main course. My one-stop shop I rely on as my solution?

I was discussing this very dip with my coworker and she loves it so much, she only allows herself to buy it once every few months! It can be served cold or warm, I usually set it out straight from the fridge to keep things easy.

Sounds like an easy and impressive app, right? Just trust me on this one—buy the dip, serve it, and definitely stock away some extra. I think these affordable loaves lend such a chic touch to any gathering. Slice your baguette s up and serve alongside the artichoke spinach dip mentioned above as a different dipper option. You can use any leftover bread for one of these recipes or dice up with some herbs and throw in the freezer to use as breadcrumbs another day.

If you are going to be purchasing booze in bulk, buying it at Costco will help your dollar go further than it would at the liquor store down the street. I usually go with a case of Bud Light and Corona and maybe a mixed, seasonal case if the mood strikes.

The Easiest Cocktail Party Ever

Unload some of them into your fridge, but be sure to save room for actual food too. This tray of sandwich glory is such a huge timesaver and the croissants provide a nice elevated touch to any get-together. This combo is simply one of those crowd-pleasing favorites that is hard to go wrong with.

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You can get a giant tub of guacamole as well as salsa if you wish for a great price. My sister recently clued me in to the fact that Costco actually carries individual servings of their guac too.

Is that helpful for a warm weather gathering? Costco offers a few different varieties in terms of toppings. Cut into easy-to-eat squares and arrange on a platter for extra ease.Shopping at Costco isn't a seasonal affair or a sale-based excursion: It's a regular search for low-priced, high-quality staples.

Buying in bulk leaves little margin for error. Pick up canned food that isn't to your taste, or some paper products that aren't quite up to snuff, and you're stuck with them for weeks to months. That's why it's important for a trip to Costco to include a solid foundation of items you can supplement with low-stakes purchases. We looked at each of Costco's online categories to see which items are most popular based on number of reviews, overall rating, and, of course, price.

Favorite Things at Costco

The following are what you need to pick up now, but also central to any great Costco list. Prices and availability are subject to change. Some items available for members only and in-store-only items have been excluded. Reviewers called it soft, luxurious, and shed-proof; a few had qualms with the amount of effort it takes to vacuum it. This isn't caramel-colored corn syrup: It's Grade A amber syrup in a 1-liter flip-top jug, with a similar volume being sold by competitors for more than 60 cents an ounce.

Buyers have loved the picture, though the smart features may seem a little clunky if you're used to a set-top box such as the Chromecast or Roku. They're still a good fit, though long-timers think they slip more than they once did — and, yes, there's a version for men. That's right: The starter pack isn't a twin, but a queen. More than 1, reviewers weighed in on these sheets, with nearly 1, finding them comfortable for the price.

Detractors saying quality has gone down over the years are in the distinct minority. Because folks who love Nutella will not only take you up on that dare, but usually know all the hacks that keep Nutella from drying out before finishing the jar. At 21 cents per ounce, it's a better buy than a supermarket's biggest offering.

At a scant 12 cents per ounce, it's also half the price of its supermarket equivalent. Not only are they cost-effective, but they offer more for the money than even the name brands beside them on the warehouse floor.

That price, plus Costco's trademark slide cutter, has made this the household wrap of choice for Costco converts.

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So much so that it'll only sell wheels of it to non-members. It's difficult enough to get Costco customers to review any food item — never mind a cooking oil or glaze — so it speaks volumes that dozens are effusive in their praise of this particular product.

In bulk, this name-brand seasoning goes for just 21 cents per ounce. Well, hundreds of reviewers have done it and come away happy.

best costco appetizers 2018

This aluminum and steel jack is only about 60 pounds and easy to maneuver, but reviewers note that it can lift a Ford F with ease. Hundreds of Costco customers recommend this oil to keep high-mileage cars going. Reviewers wish they came in more colors, but love that they cover two people easily.I love everything that is Costco. And being the Costco pusher that I am, I've compiled the best pre-made holiday appetizers from Costco that you need in your life right now.

Whether you're hosting a family gathering or a giant office holiday party, Costco's there to make things easy. Plus, they were giving away chocolate and full-sized cookies. I mean, it's the ultimate shopping trip. Where the sore really shines is their pre-made dishes and meals. Costco's freezer and refrigerated section are a veritable busy person's wonderland. Seriously, who has time to make all of their holiday appetizers from scratch while managing your kids' Christmas pageants and Santa listsoffice holiday parties, and those dreaded end-of-year deadlines?

Trust me when I tell you that no one will be disappointed if your holiday party is chock-a-block with food from Costco. There is a reason Costco is so popular, and that's because their stuff is so amazing.

Disclaimer: The prices below are from my local Costco in Brooklyn, NY; prices can differ depending on location. These aren't your typical Italian-style calamari. No, these have a decidedly Asian influence, and they're unbelievably good.

You can fry them, bake them, or crisp them up in an air fryer, and they're ready to go. I would eat these bacon-wrapped scallops at every meal if I could. Alas, they're a fancier treat. They are incredibly delicious and come together in a snap. If you've never had a chicken pot pie in the form of a pizza roll, you're not living your best life.

Honestly, I never would have bought these assorted hors d'oeuvres had Costco not been sampling this particular variety pack one day, and that would have been a sad thing indeed. You have plenty of time to pick up this box of delicious.How did we choose the menu for our get-together? We cruised the aisles of two national club stores Costco and Sam's Clubbrought carloads of appetizers back to our test kitchen, prepared everything according to package directions, and held our own preseason tasting party.

These were our favorites:. Nancy's Petite Quiches Delicate and tasty. A few extra minutes in the oven gives the quiches a lovely golden crust. Ling Ling Potstickers Available with pork or chicken filling; GH tasters preferred the pork for its savory flavor and good texture; the chicken filling was sweeter.

Shrimp Ring The shrimp have a fresh, mild flavor, but are a bit watery; cocktail sauce is included. Smoked Salmon Good quality for a fraction of what you'd pay at a gourmet store.

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Rugelach These traditional rolled cookies come in chocolate and raspberry flavors; both are delicious and not soggy. Prices may vary in your area. Product Reviews. Type keyword s to search.

best costco appetizers 2018

Today's Top Stories. Alan Richardson. These were our favorites: Nancy's Petite Quiches Delicate and tasty. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

best costco appetizers 2018

More From Party Ideas.Skip navigation! If you haven't been to the wholesaler in a while, you might be surprised to learn that Costco is a huge purveyor of organic snacks and under-the-radar foods.


While the chain has a reputation for selling enormous packages of chips and cookies, huge bundles of toilet paper, and, yes, giant stuffed bearsit's also up on the latest trendy eats, too. Whether you're a twentysomething shopping for yourself or you have a big family to feed, Costco has food options to fit your needs.

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Many of its snacks are sold in individual packages, so you don't have to worry about finishing, say, a giant container of perishable food before it expires. Though if you are shopping for a larger group, you should definitely check out Costco's organic produce selection. Ahead we rounded up some of the best foods available at Costco warehouses and on Costco.

I love wine because, like food, it brings people together. Which is. While picking o. Looking for something to do this weekend? As coronavirus continues to spread, many are making the smart decision to practice social distancing and stay at home. The fun never stops when you have a decent internet connection. As you are likely to be spending more time on TikTok learning coffee recipes or online tour.As a Costco member, you get exclusive access to the best deals on tech, food, clothes, and furniture.

See something you like here? Sign into your account to shop these must-haves instantly! Pick up a neutral eyeshadow palette from Tarte in between loading up on free samples. Costco carries a good amount of makeup, and this set has 16 matte shades and four satin-metallic shades. The bag comes with gold hardware and Prada's signature logo in the center of the purse. Enjoy your own personal helper through Google Assistant. Ask for the weather, learn a new word in a foreign language, play music, and more.

Of course, because it's Costco, the deal comes with two speakers. As it gets cooler out, you'll want to make sure to have a functional and fashion-forward coat. It's made of a wool and cashmere blend that'll keep you warm, and you can choose between a black and gray color.

If you want to get a major deal on jewelry — whether it's a gift for a special someone or a treat-yourself kind of day — Costco has the best prices on quality diamonds.

These round, brilliant diamond earrings with karat white gold will add major bling to any outfit. It features a You'll save big bucks by getting this night cream from Costco instead of other retailers, where it's more than double the Costco price. This Sisley cream will rejuvenate your skin. Add texture to your living room with this Israeli-made shag rug.

Looking for some cozy comfort? This pair of pajamas is the perfect set to snuggle up in while reading by the fireplace or watching season two of Stranger Things. This 8-inch freshwater pearl bracelet from Costco is a unique piece of jewelry that adds a dainty touch to your ensemble.

The white, pink, and purple-colored pearls are connected with gold hardware. Beats headphones are a great option for when you want quality sound at a good price.

These wireless, Bluetooth, glossy black ones last up to 40 hours without recharging, which is perfect for long flights or road trips. If you're in a time crunch and on low battery, just 5 minutes of charging will give you a 3-hour boost. Make soups, smoothies, flour, and dips with this high-speed blender. This three-stone white gold engagement ring has diamonds around the front of the band for added sparkle. This arm chair will look right at home in your living room with its modern design and classic features.

The muted blue adds some color without being too loud, and the chair is held up with wooden corner blocks for sturdiness.

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