It's got a lot of options that MPC-HC doesn't have, and it seems to do a better job at utilizing my GPU hardware while providing better video and audio quality. Recently I found out that you can actually enable Nvidia's Dynamic Super Resolution with PotPlayerwhich means you can resize videos to x or higher and the GPU will downscale that image back to x, or whatever the monitor's native resolution is.

PotPlayer definitely is a lot different in terms of usability and configuration, but not in a bad way. There are tons of options and when you factor in all the possible encoders and decoders, the customization is endless. You can do that with mpc-hc, but I feel like PotPlayer handles the settings menus in a better way.

PotPlayer seems to be more flexible in terms of configuration options. PotPlayer does seem to provide slightly improved video quality, at least compared to a similarly configured player like MPC-HC.

MadVR seems to be the most important booster for video quality. I took some p video screenshots to compare video quality when using various upscaling settings to see what looked the best. If you are looking for a more advanced potplayer wiki you should head over to that page for a detailed configuration wiki. During the PotPlayer installation process, please make sure that you initially choose to NOT associate files with PotPlayer until you are done testing, otherwise it can be pretty annoying to have to constantly be changing the Windows default program for all the different video types.

If you choose to do this then you may need to re-adjust the default file associations. For instance if you use WinAmp for music, and you don't exclude.

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For now don't associate Potplayer with any file types, we will go back later on and adjust file associations. You can still right click on files, and add PotPlayer to the list, or you can avoid my advice entirely. You can let Potplayer install itself wherever it wants to, so just press next during this part of the Potplayer installation. Once the install of Potplayer is complete you will have the option to run Potplayer and install additional codecs.

You might as well install all of the additional codecsplus it's nice to have the Full version of the FFmpeg packages and libraries, by default PotPlayer comes with the minimal versions of FFmpeg, which might be fine, but installing the utilities full version won't hurt.

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For the sake of curiosity, I decided to see what additional codecs come with Potplayer, and install them. It looks like Potplayer downloads about 6MB worth of codecs, so it's downloading tons of shit on your PC and isn't wasting space either. You must have at least the core files option selected, which appears to be a minimum version of FFmpeg.

I chose to select all of them so I can see what they do, but if you already have a specific set of codecs in mind and don't want to use any of these, please skip this step. Congrats, you just installed PotPlayer. I've listed some directories where you can find various amounts of interesting things like readmes or changelogs. Also if you want to add more stuff to PotPlayer's Dir, you can do it in the places below.

The additional codecs for potplayer can be found under the Module folder beneath the main PotPlayer directory. I'm still pretty unfamiliar with Potplayer, but so far I like it, feels a lot more responsive, or modern than mpc-hc and the image quality is very good, easily on par with mpc-hc, mainly due to the use of MadVR.

Once I get a better handle on all the various options, I'll update this section with more information. Once you have started up potplayer, you can either press F5 or right click inside of Potplayer and click on "preferences".

This section allows you to tell potplayer what filters you want to use for various media types. You can enable, or disable built in filters for audio and video under the main section. By default PotPlayer uses internal filters for audio and video. I've tried disabling the built-in Video Processor and Switcher, but I didn't notice a ton of difference in performance or quality. I've configured PotPlayer's filters as follows:. Generally speaking you want to select the Video Decoder to use hardware decoding if you have a device that support it.VideoHelp Forum.

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Download free trial! Results 1 to 27 of LAV and madVR work together just fine. They are essentially identical. With some drivers DXVA2 native can reduce the quality in certain cases. Switch to DXVA2 copy-back or pure software decoding if you want to avoid that risk. Last edited by sneaker; 17th Mar at Originally Posted by snadge. Watching this thread I tried mad vrlast year and did not seen big improvements, maybe I was using it wrong I really saw very little difference.

Originally Posted by theewizard. Watching this thread I tried mad vrlast year and did not seen big improvements, maybe I was using it wrong. That's normal, most people will not see much of a - or any - difference. It's for videophiles.

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The official madVR package always includes both versions. The install. The information that you need to use a 32 bit player is outdated. Chrome history is terrible.

I don't know what guide you are talking about. Just download the madvr packageextract it where you want it installed, right-click "install. That's it. That guide is horrible, don't use it.

Under "rendering". If that is not enough for you try SmoothVideo Project. Even if not much performance is needed there may be something triggering the GPU driver to max all clocks. I don't have Nvidia so I can't help you further. The setting can change when you switch video renderers because not all of them support all subtitle renderers. By jackuars in forum Software Playing. Replies: 48 Last Post: 27th Mar Replies: 8 Last Post: 7th Mar Are these settings alright?NOTE: Image scaling algorithms used in this page are of higher level than the high preset in the installer.

Make sure you choose the right kind of device for your display device. The Dell UM display is definitely a computer monitor, so I indicated it as such here. Consult your display device documentation for the correct information.

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There is no right or wrong answers to this, but a mismatched configuration can be potentially devastating to the image quality. You can learn how to do so here ; a device like a colorimeter or a spectrophotometer is a must. This is optional. Lookup tables can take a huge amount of GPU memory. Set brightness value to 52 while keeping contrast at default The latter is better if you use full-screen exclusive mode.

To use this option, your display device must be able to use multiple refresh rates see your display device documentation for more information. If your display can only do 60Hz many LCD computer displays are guilty of this phenomenonthen just set this option empty, and use the smooth motion frame rate conversion feature described near the bottom of this page.

The value should be between 2. The lower the lighting, the higher the number should be. Now, how to configure this section depends on what kind of setup you have. Margins of this virtual masking setup can also be configured manually. The new feature of madVR 0. This feature was aimed primarily for users that has 2. The larger the gap between your display device resolution and the resolution of your video, the more pronounced the ringing problems will be, therefore, when you scoured TokyoTosho for more anime to download, always get the one that will match your display device resolution the closest.

If you watch most p HD materials on a p device, you can get away with algorithms with quite a bit of ringing in it without you seeing any of them in actual playback. It could be the same, but not exceed it.

MPC-HC Video Decoder Comparison

Now to the GPU factor, the better processing power it has in form of shader countsthe more flexibility you can have in choosing what algorithm you can use. Then to the most important fourth factor mentioned above — you own personal taste. Who am I to complain if you like plenty of ringing, as long as you can see it sharp? Conversely, who am I to complain if you like your video flat-looking and dull? In the end, you are the one who will decide how to watch your videos.

This guide is merely a guide, not a holy book or something. Experiment until you got the quality that best pleases your eyes. Although of course you will still need the flexibility that a powerful GPU can give to you.

All three profiles use 3-tap Lanczos for image upscaling, bicubic sharpness for image downscaling. Some fansub groups does not tag their releases with the video resolution, therefore their group tag will be used instead to trigger the profile.

List of arguments, operators, keywords et. If you see problems, might as well flush everything.Discussion in ' General Chat ' started by gereral1Apr 16, Log in or Sign up. RedFox Forum. Current version is 2. This also works with kaby lake chips, Not sure if normal core I7 can chew the 4k footage but if you pass it onto the gpu it can play smooth. Madvr is no longer supported with hardware acceleration for 4k as many have noticed.

So this is the only way to get onboard gpu support to play 4k uhd or some call it 4k main10 hdr The video below shows my settings and please only use the 4k uhd settings when playing a hdr coded video. How do you know its hdr. You can use a program called mediainfo to look inside the video, Use the html option and it will show you the color spec, container format, color space and audio. It also shows hdr meta data in the file as well. If you have no uhd hdr material to test please google it and oled has many hdr samples you can download for testing.

How I figured this out was to put the hdr samples on usb and play it directly with my Samsung uhd hardware player. Then I loaded the same material in mpc and verified that it looks exact. I used a hdr calibration file with color bars to set the levels in mpc so you see the entire dynamic range of the hdr video played back in mpc. You tv must be hdr compatible to test this. You also must switch back to normal settings after watching hdr material as the bluray and dvd material will look bad.

HDR looks dull and like camera log footage without the hdr metadata to tell the tv to adjust the brightness and contrast to extend the dynamic range of the video. After running the test calibration file I was shocked at the settings in mpc.

Who would have guess these settings! Last edited: Nov 13, Works likes a charm!!Before you start posting please read the forum rules.

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By posting to this forum you agree to abide by the rules. Last edited by madshi; 7th February at Windows internally always "thinks" in RGB Windows considers black to be 0 and white to be That applies to the desktop, applications, games and videos.

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Windows itself never really thinks in terms of YCbCr or The exception proves the rule. This is the best setup, because the GPU won't damage our precious pixels. Consequently, the GPU has to stretch the pixel data behind Windows' back in such a way that a black pixel is no longer 0, but now And a white pixel is no longerbut now So the pixel data is condensed from toand all the values between and are basically unused.

Some GPU drivers might do this in high bitdepth with dithering, which may produce acceptable results. But some GPU drivers definitely do this in 8bit without any dithering which will introduce lots of nasty banding artifacts into the image. As a result I cannot recommend this configuration. Now which of these will the GPU use for the conversion?

There's one problem with this approach: If your TV doesn't have an option to switch between andit may always expect black to be 16 TVs usually default to while computer monitors usually default to But we've just told the GPU to output black at 0! That can't work, can it? Actually, it can, surprisingly - but only for video content. You can tell madVR to render to instead of This way madVR will make sure that black pixels get a pixel value of 16, but the GPU doesn't know about it, so the GPU can't screw image quality up for us.

But please be aware of that you might get lower image quality this way, because the GPU will have to convert the pixels behind the back of both Windows and madVR, and GPU drivers often do this in inferior quality. This results in very smooth motion, low latency and a very good playability. Video rendering has completely different requirements.

Video was recorded at a very specific frame interval, e.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts All posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

MPC-HC, Lav Filter and MadVR Setup Step by Step Guide 2019 - Part 2

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April 5, 2, As far as I know, its mostly the graphics card, that counts. So please post here, which settings work good for you with what kind of gfx. Personally I am interested in settings for a Intel HD, which seems to be not uncommon here for htpc usage Lets see what we get together here January 31, Spain. Well, I've Intel HD graphics so my setup may be helpful for you.

First I use V75 today May 23th but update often. I've done a lot of testing and here comes my setup. I no TV viewed can go to up to lanczos and other refinements. DXVA2 native is actually working properly with V Trade quality for performance leave default settings All the best! Last edited: June 9, Nice one, thanks alexdepalma.You can't use madVR with mpv.

I finally figured out HDR in MPC and GPU ACCELERATION

That's misleading. You can't use madVR with mpv, but that doesn't mean you can't have high quality scaling and dithering. I feel like all the trendy super-resolution algorithms introduce too many ringing, aliasing and strange watercolour-like artefacts, so I much prefer mpv's EWA Lanczos filter, though if you want, there are a number of super-res algorithms available as mpv user-shaders, including SSimSuperRes and NNEDI3.

You can even just let it pick up the ICC profile configured in the operating system. I'll grant you that you can take advantage of calibration in mpv if you can generate a ICC profile containing 3dlut data, I didn't know that.

I disagree on a couple of points though. Jinc may in fact produce noticeable ringing while NGU doesn'tand neither produce aliasing so asserting the opposite seems strange. The difference in sharpness is also quite obvious. On top of that mpv's anti-ringing filter is very basic in comparison. HDR processing also seems quite limited and requires a lot of hand-tuning compared to madVR.

If it works for you, great, but it would be disingenuous to say that both programs are at a feature parity. So, going through the "missing pieces" list you provided earlier, the only thing that actually holds is probably just NGU. You can insist that it's a "deal breaker" for you, fine.

But attacking others being disingenuous simply because they don't agree is probably too much. I'll admit I haven't watched any HDR content in mpv yet, but it supports all the standard tone-mapping algorithms hable, reinhard, etc. I'm not saying madVR doesn't have its strengths. Error-diffusion dithering is strictly more accurate than what mpv does, and for people who like super-resolution upscalers, madVR tends to have a larger selection and faster implementations.

Still, it would be disingenuous to say that madVR has a larger feature-set than mpv. They have different feature-sets. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit.

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